What People Say About the Soul, Role, Goal of Life™
and Value Profile Experience

I feel spectacular. I have never been happier or felt better about myself. I want you to know that you have made a major difference in my life, and in many more lives that I can and will touch. Attending your training was the best $3000 I have ever spent. I'm able to live and be happy now that I know I have intrinsic value and worth. It's been the most freedom I've had since I was a child.

In addition to all the breakthroughs I got from these three days, I have a whole new perspective on and about money. I now measure value in a totally different way, and as a direct result, I’m making more money that I ever have. This has been a totally unpredictable result. The breakthroughs and the results in my life are off the charts (and believe me, I know the charts!). But the shift in money and my attitude towards earning it, spending it, saving it, and investing it (including giving it away) has so dramatically changed that if I could cause people I love to get a fragment of it, they would thank me till the day they die.

I am making a huge difference in everyone I come into contact with. I am coaching people at a higher and deeper level than ever before, and I am causing a measurable increase in the performance and productivity of the people I share it with. I know now, without a doubt, I have the strength, confidence and ability to do what I want. The experience is a huge breakthrough for me. I will share this with everyone.

Love you, and thank you, forever,

Sophie Ben-Shitta, Publisher, Coach and Entrepreneur

Where has this been all these years?  Nothing I've ever done gave me so much with such little effort on my part.  It took me 15 minutes to complete, and I got back a lifetime’s worth of value.  If you're serious about increasing your personal worth and market value, having more satisfaction with your work and enthusiasm for life, you simply should take a few minutes and do this right now.  You will get incredible insights, and hundreds, no, thousands of times the financial return.  I can't begin to measure the personal intrinsic reward.  I wish I would have know about this sooner.  My life would have been greatly enhanced.

Raleigh Pinsky, Author - The Zen of Hype, 101 Ways to Promote Yourself

I have to tell you, you have changed my life today. The first conversation was good. I had some insight but this conversation today made a huge difference personally and professionally. Thank you for the time that you are putting into Jon and me. We will be forever grateful for this. Jon and I had a long talk tonight and you have taken us to places we never thought we would go. You have given me a peace that I didn't know was possible. I've always carried this stress and anxiety but no medicine could ever fix what was underneath. You released my spirit today and for that I thank you. I will be your poster child for this process LOL. I can’t wait for more. Thank you.

Rebecca McCormick, Athlete and College Coach

What Mitch Axelrod is doing with the Value Profile is what Henry Ford did with the automobile. While they are not inventors of a new technology, they are pioneers of empowering people with vehicles of both personal as well as social transformation. As people of the Industrial Age used Ford's vehicle to explore new frontiers, we of the Information Age have much thanks to give to Mitch Axelrod, for the opportunity to explore one of the final frontiers- ourselves.
If we as a nation are truly committed to transforming our educational systems, then we must be willing to research, test and implement new educational tools and technologies. As a 21st century educator myself, you can bet that I am placing the Value Profile in my educational toolbox. If you are serious about helping students, I highly encourage you to add the Value Profile to your arsenal as well.
I strongly urge every educator and educational institution to implement the Value Profile to assist them in taking higher education deeper. On behalf of my grandchildren's children, I salute Mitch Axelrod and his contributions to our world.

Anthony D'Angelo, Founder The Collegiate EmPowerment Company, Inc.
Author of What College Forgets To Teach You®

Mitch Axelrod, my friend and mentor, I will add my part to your value-added services and products.  I met Mitch just a few weeks ago and already I can see the great expertise this man has when it comes to helping people recognize their value and best foot. Thanks, Mitch!

Ken Weatherford

I have been coaching for five years and in business for decades. I am a mother of three grown children. I have never in my life been so excited about working with a product, service and a group of people. I feel the Value Profile is the most powerful tool I have ever used, both personally and professionally. It has made a big impact on all my relationships, personal, family, friends, and in my business. Working first as a Value Profiler, and now as a Certified Consultant has enabled me to have a profound effect on my clients’ businesses and even more important, their lives. The entire experience has enriched my own life beyond words.

I encourage everyone I know to complete their own Value Profile, and invite anyone who really wants to make a difference with other people to be part of our Value Profiler and Consultant team. Using the Value Profiles, we are doing something really important and special, and with it comes a real opportunity to increase our personal income and market value, I feel it is the most exciting work I have ever found. Every coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, career counselor, teacher, student, person of any kind will benefit from becoming a Value Profiler. If you do, there is doubt your life will change for the better – forever.

If you have any doubts, call me at 303-777-1765. I’ll freely share with you what this experience has done for me, and what it will mean for you. You won’t have any doubts after that.

Judy Sabah, Coach, Speaker and Mom

Soul Role Goal is one of the greatest ways to describe the human condition and what to do about it. Your work has profoundly elevated my business and impacted my life.

Dr. Max Vogt, Psychiatrist - Business Coach

I was very reluctant to invest the money, and three days away from my business, but I am very glad I did.  I was truly blown away by the consultant certification.  The whole experience was worth more than I could have hoped for.  The Friday morning business session alone was worth the entire investment in certification.  If you have any doubts, do this anyway.  A whole new world of opportunity will open up for you.

John Petitpren, Petco Development Corp.

I thought I saw it all before BUT… taking the Value Profile was quite an eye opener.  This test really gets inside your head and calls your bluff. Thank you for one of the most helpful and positive experiences I've had in my career. I'll be able to use this roadmap forever.

Getting Mitch's soul, role, goal coaching was the best part. While it's one thing to see my strengths and weaknesses, it's quite another to see how they translate into my everyday habits and thought patterns. Because of the Value Profile, and your coaching, I know I have designed my entire business around my values. I also know how to change my thinking, and get to the next level, and the next level after that.

You can share this letter with others, and tell them that if they want to jump to higher levels of personal satisfaction, professional performance and business success, I highly recommend they take advantage of your "real" life skills coaching. It is one of the best investments I ever made - one that will pay off for the rest of my life.

Vickie Sullivan, President - Sullivan Speaker Services, Inc.

My profile gave me a big injection of clarity and confidence in my abilities (even some I had never acknowledged before) and greater courage to use them.  It was like getting an owner's manual that shows what strengths I can rely on more to effectively get where I want to go and have more ease along the way.  And no other process has shown me so precisely how my "blind spots" were getting in my way and complicating my life and work.  Now I know exactly what to do (and not do) to become more effective, and I am doing it. The profile has also really helped me accept myself as I am, and I feel much more at peace with myself.  It has contributed a great deal to my growth as an entrepreneur and as a person.

Brendan Moorehead, Consultant

I have a whole different outlook on my work and my value.  The thing that did it for me was Mitch Axelrod's 'Next Steps' coaching approach.  I typed up my greatest strengths on a piece of paper, and I carry it with me everywhere.  I look at that piece of paper 8 times a day.  The biggest breakthrough for me was realizing I don't have to fix myself.  I can focus on building my strengths, and not feel like I have to fix 'weaknesses'.  I've taken all kinds of tests and instruments, but this is the only one that told me with certainty where and how I should be investing my time, money and energy.

Ron Mueller, VP of Executive Search Firm

The Value Profile provides amazing and accurate insight into our thinking and decision-making. We have used the Managing Innovation Value Profile at Strategic Point of View with great success.

Recently, the management team of a large corporation used their results to better understand how they made decisions and how decision-making styles impacted business results. The depth of insight and self-analysis by these hard charging women and men allowed them to see how their greatest strengths and not-so-obvious blind spots were contributing to the success and stress of their daily work lives. Each manager saw themselves in an objective, measurable fashion for perhaps the first time in their careers.

This is an incredible tool for the consulting, coaching, and training work we perform on behalf of our clients at Strategic Point of View.  Many thanks to Mitch Axelrod for his coaching and support!

Mark Livingston, President- Strategic Point of View

I've been in this segment of testing, coaching, counseling business now for over thirty years.  I have worked with pretty near all of the major instruments that are around.  When I found Axiology and the Value Profile I was amazed at what it did.  Still, to this day, I find myself amazed at the unique results I get from person to person and the insights that I can get about people.

It really helps people understand themselves and accept themselves as they are. The real goal of working with people from my point of view is to empower them to use their talent, to focus on what they do best and like most and to accept the things that they don't do well.  Using this tool, people recognize that they have alternatives.  They don't necessarily need to get fixed.

The truth is, we all have areas we're not as strong at, and our weaknesses don't have to hold us back. Success, from my experience working with people, comes from investing your energies in the things you do best - then, make sure that the things you don't do well don't get in your way.

Harvey Schoof, President, Insight Consulting, Inc.