The Soul-Role-Goal of Leadership

This three part video presentation series  introduces and explains the connection among the NEW Game of Business, Axiology and the Soul-Role-Goal of leadership.

Mitch Axelrod presents at Harvard University's TH Chan School of Public Health

Part 1 - The NEW Game of Business™

00:00         Intro
02:10        Van Gogh Quote Profession
03:35        Soul Role Goal Origin
07:50        Bolt Quote Belief
12:00         Why We’re Here
14:15         The NEW Game
16:20         NEW World Interdependence
18:50        NEW Thinking No Box
20:00        NEW Leadership Autonomy
22:40        NEW Mission People First
23:35        Mitch Expand Job Quote
26:25        What People Want?
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Part 2 - Axiology: Science of Human Value

00:00         Dr. Hartman Quote Lay Down Lives
02:45         Who is Dr. Robert Hartman?
04:45        Axiology Defined
05:50        Axiology Measures
10:10        Axiology 1,2,3
11:15        Axiology ABC
15:15        3 Dimensions of Value - I, E, S
25:20        I, E, S Distinctions
29:20        Einstein Quote Intuitive Mind
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Part 3 - Soul, Role, Goal of Leadership

00:00        Soul Role Goal
03:05        Time, Space
06:00        Soul Role Goal Distinctions Map
10:05        Love, Serve, Obey Hierarchy
13:15        Mitch Quote Love and Serve
14:40        Hartman Value Profile
16:10       Value Profile Measures
19:05        Emerson Quote Great Teacher
20:25        Mitch Quote Leave Soul Behind
21:10        Soul Role Goal in Action
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